Saturday, July 13, 2013

Should Nokia branch our of Windows Phone?

Hot off the announcement of Nokia's new 1020 41megapixel camera phone, it got me thinking - should Nokia branch out of Windows Phone 8?

Sure Nokia has its "Asha" brand which is slightly different and rehashed form of Symbian mobile operating system, which really is slow, lagging and not really bringing any further enhancement nor actually worth investment anymore.

So what should Nokia do?

I do believe Nokia should take a leaf out of HTC, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, etc and actually branch out into not only Windows Phone 8, but also Android and they should also look at bringing back MeeGo as well.

Nokia can make great hardware but its software choice is lacking and quite honest, boring to say the least. So here is what I think they should do:

Make an entry/low and mid end Android Phones

Nokia should look at making not only an entry level/low end device but also a mid tier device to help resurrect their fortunes in the mean time, enabling them to really kick ass with great hardware and software alike. 

I honestly think Nokia could excel in the android arena with they way they can honestly make great devices that people used to love and still somewhat do with an incredible, growing and popular OS.

Resurrect MeeGo

Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 really did bring a very simple to use and very clean operating system with a fantastic phone. I honestly do believe Nokia should look at bringing back MeeGo through again an entry level/low end and mid tier devices. Maybe even a high end device like the N9 could be on the cards here for Nokia to create.

I have to say, owning (yes I still have an N9) the Nokia N9 really has opened my eyes, because it is just simple, beautiful and not as fussy or clunky like iOS or Windows Phone7 and 8 combined.

Have less dependence on Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 710

I will say this, whilst I hate Windows/Microsoft in general, Windows Phone 7/8 is ok......ish. In my honest opinion, it still has a very long way to go before it could or should take on Android and iOS.

Nokia needs to shift from being 100% Windows Phone reliant and really Stephen Elop should just admit he made a very big mistake staking Nokia's future on an OS that is far from popular or worth investing time and money into.

Bury and close down Symbian & Asha

Well I think the sub heading really says it all. Nokia should just end their stake within Asha and Symbian and focus on the above core OS' instead. Honestly, Asha and Symbian have been dead in the water and any justification to keep these OS operating and in production would and will create headaches for Nokia and its shares/money.

Oust Stephen Elop

I am not generally a fan of mutiny, but I think Stephen Elop should be overthrown and kicked to the side for even staking not only his reputation but state the reputation and money of such a wonderful company on a failed OS would be ensuring that share holders and stake holders alike watch their company continually shrink its market share and eat into profits and continually loose confidence within the management of the board failing to turn the companies fortune around.

This is where a change in leadership would be required to end the contract with Microsoft and look at other alternatives to help stem losses and bring back former Nokia consumers back from its competitors.

Of course this is just my opinion and ideas, but I would be intrigued if this is in fact what could be happen within Nokia, because there have been rumours and reports the senior management, board and shareholders and stakeholders are watching with baited breath and trying to get Nokia out of its worse situation it has ever been in.

Here's hoping they do something fast and soon to bring a once mighty and respected company back into reality and into today's modern standards OS wise.

So what are your thoughts on what Nokia should do?

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