Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So what is the problem allowing same sex marriage here?

So what is the exact problem of passing same sex marriage equality laws here in Australia?

I mean come on, most states in the USA, which I remind you are, well yeah "special" have passed laws, hell even most European countries, even our trans-tasman counterparts in New Zealand recently passed same sex marriage equality laws, so what's stopping us then?

Time after time I hear its because the church doesn't like it - tough bickies I say. Mean if they want to lecture us about God hating gays well then honey, your going straight to hell with us for wearing man made fivers (even if its half, your half way there. Aka polyester fibres).

Enjoying that shellfish - thats a ticket to Hell.

Cheating on your partner - Yep you guessed it, you're coming to the party down in the depths of fire breathing hell as well.

You maybe asking yourself why, well the bible does state that no man or woman shall wear man made fibres, beautify themselves (so make up is a big no no), Gambling, eating shellfish, all big no no's in the bible, yet I don't hear the church stopping everybody from doing that (probably because they do it themselves - bastards!).

But honestly if its ok to wear man made fibres, put that foundation on along with lipstick and your eye liner, gamble, even drink alcohol, swear, hell even eat those delicious lobsters and oysters pst of us like, then why is it such a bloody big problem allowing same sex marriage?

I mean really what is the god damn fucking problem?

It just honestly gets to me that all my other friends, who are straight, can get married, have kids yet as a openly gay man living with my loving partner for the last 4 years and being engaged for the last 4 years as well, can be denied marriage because I love someone of the same sex!!

Its just wrong. This isn't the 1950's which most people like to pretend we live in for some fucking reason.

Sorry to rant on but I don't see what the problem is and I am sick of people like Fred Nile (who honestly is quite past it and should be a retirement home for the narrow minded wankers) argue saying the bible doesn't allow it whilst they themselves sin just bad if not worse than the whole gay community combined.

Here's hoping sanity and common sense will prevail...........someday, hopefully!