Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Second Class" Citizen thoughts

So basically I have come to the conclusion, from both a societies and community view as a whole, I am literally a second class citizen and honestly, if fucking sucks!!

Why am I a second class citizen I hear you say, well it's because I am an openly gay man in a loving same sex relationship but cannot marry like the majority of my straight friends and family. no disrespect to them but it sucks and it is somewhat a major slap in the face when I can't do the same thing with my loving long term partner.

The best thing I can do is either go overseas and stay over there and be married or have a commitment ceremony which basically give no legal title to say I am married nor provide any additional legal rights.

In all honesty I think option A, moving over to New Zealand might be the better option of them all (so moving to another country that allows gay/same sex marriage). It has struck me that NZ, with literally not even half the population of Australia, has had both civil unions for same sex couples, but is now allowing same sex marriage, can pass such legislation before we do here in Australia.

I mean COME ON!!! It's the bloody 21st Century for crying out loud!! We should be more accepting and more open to this option than ever before, but no we're not!!

The other part is because I have a disability and I am what is considered by many, a drain on society and the health system so why waste more money on them basically (and harshly put analogy but true).

I hate going into a hospital or medical centre/clinic and feeling like I am just yet again another number or statistic that literally goes towards the further decline of health services, transport, public issues that either get swept under the carpet or

I mean it shouldn't be this way really. Honestly it sucks and I wonder why sometimes and how society as a whole has allowed things to get this way. In some what I feel like bonking my head against the wall hoping things will change soon but on the other hand I know it won't and thats what's really getting me down.

I feel like I just exactly like many others I know, could be in the same boat and its just so damn fucking frustration.

But again I just feel like there is nothing I can do to make change happen sadly. most people don't understand what it is like to be gay and have a disability. It is extra hard to even absolutely manic because your always fighting on various fronts.

Honestly I am beginning to wonder if I should be happy to call myself Australian or not, because right now I do honestly feel like I am embarrassed to say so or do so.