Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The NDIS Levy - It's about time

Ok over the last week or so, I have been hearing a heck of a lot about the incoming NDIS levy and why it is such a bad thing, for their ego and precious money.

My reply - Bitch please, shut the FUCK UP!!

The NDIS or Disability care is something that is hugely required now and is well overdue. For someone who has a disability, when I hear someone say people with disabilities get everything, I really wanna just slap them Ally McBeal style because it's not true.

For example, a new wheelchair can cost from about $5,000 (as a basic chair) well up to the hundred of thousand dollars which yes, some people can get their chairs through Enable NSW (of which I am lucky this time round I can, but the next time I might not) simply because we may earn to much or work full time or part time.

It's not easy and cheap to have a disability, the costs all add up and quite frankly anyone who tells me that they could do it, I would like to see them try.

For example, I have to wear pads (yes as in pads women wear) and  just for one pack it can cost up to $20-$30 depending on where I get them from and thats just for a pack between 20 and 38. Now times that by about 6 or so packs, its a lot of money. Then add on top the cost of a single catheter which I also have use. Now they cost up to $2.50-$5.50 for a single one, yes single one. Now times that by 100.

The costs all add up at the end of the day and for someone with a disability who may just only get the Disability Support Pension (or DSP as it is known), that whilst they get say roughly $800 a fortnight, that money has to not only pay for these medical expenses, but shopping, transport, rent and maybe, just maybe basic health insurance so they don't have to be on long waiting lists at hospitals for surgeries etc. The costs all add up and it's not far.

So excuse me when I say that anyone caught knocking the Levy, think about this, how would you survive as someone with a disability with all these expenses??

I sure know the answer cause I have done it and still are somewhat even though I working part time.

Its time we just accepted that the NDIS is coming and the levy is needed for it to be paid to ensure everyone with a disability has a better chance in life and can have the pressures and burdens of these issues lifted if not helped to be partly reduced.

Sorry but I had to just get it out there because I am sick of the knocking down by the press and certain public figures on TV, News etc.