Sunday, January 23, 2011

We used to be friends

Well I hate to say it, but i certainly believe that the song 'we used to be friends' by The Dandy Warholes (if you don't know what song I am talking about, here it is for you - really does have a meaning to it.

Why does it have a meaning, well because I am disappointed in a couple of people I used to be friends with back in the day and have tried on numerous occasions (more so recently) but they just seem to snob me off. I know people change but honestly its just rude!

I feel some what hurt because these people where really close to myself, actually helped me during dark times, fun times, sad times and were just there we I needed a friend. Ok yeah I might have lost touch with them, but the minute you try to make it up and just not say either hello back or block myself of certain apps, msn or yahoo is just rude. What may have been said in the past, and i am talking like childhood year - kids can say and be real bastards, but hey where adults now right? So whats the problem............who knows, all I know is if thats the way its going to be, then fine, don't come crawling back later on with your tail between your legs acting like a sad puppy cause I won't be listening............or maybe I should and treat you the way you have treated me!!

Oh well, as the song and the headline for this post state, we USED to be friends! Good bye and goodluck!