Saturday, November 19, 2011

NSW Health.....Needing its own health check

I know I have somewhat talked about this in the past, but its one of my issues which is close to my heart because I think the way in which NSW Health currently runs for not only everyone, but more so people with disabilties is disgraceful.

For example, as I have Spina Bifida, I attend the Spina Bifida Clinic at Westmead Hospital (the adults hospital) in which at the end of the day, it has become a "referral" clinic. Basically you see one Doctor who might know a little bit about your condition to which they say you need to be looked into and referred to say the chronic pain team or see the urology clinic or the neurosurgery clinic, etc. Now yes that is somewhat good because it does 'streamline' services, but it doesn't help the patient at the end of the day.


Simply because referring to these clinics can lead to long waiting times, to which currently the chronic pain team or clinic are currently not taking on any new patients at westmead unless its honestly an emergency, otherwise the waiting list stands at a minimum 2.5 years before your going to even get in the door. And that is only the start, or end when you think about it.

I don't know how or why things have gotten this bad. Yeah ok the previous Government did undercut or not invest in health, but given now funding has somewhat increased, has things gotten better - hell no!!

I mean, what happened to the good old days when I was a kid and went to the children's hospital at camperdown and then Westmead when it moved and I attended the Spina Bifida Clinic and you would see all the doctors you required right there on that clinic day (which is generally a Friday, or used to be) and you would only get a referral if you had to have tests or if a certain Doctor was not able to make the clinis that day.

Its like that was the good old days or more so, when you're a kid, they chuck all the resources at you, but once you become an adult and get 'referred' to the adult clinics respectfully, ots like thank you and well good luck.

Its a joke and both politicians, department and hospital heads need to make change happen. Yeah it will probably be a painful change but its a necessary one if you ask me. Its time that we look at what can be done to make things become better for the patient instead of the hospital and the budget at the end of the day, because there should NEVER EVER ABE A PRICE ON ANYONE'S HEALTH at the end of the day!!

I am sorry for the caps words above but I am frustrated and over it. No one wants to make change happen for the better and they seem to want to put a price on patients or you and I at the end of the day health wise.

Its just not on and not certainly fair!!