Thursday, June 9, 2011 short it is

This is probably the most saddest blog I have had to write so far because it has kind of hit home for some reason.
I am currently in Westmead Hospital due to ongoing health issues in which I have made a couple of new friends in here and sadly, one of them is dying from huntington’s disease.
Since meeting him on Saturday Morning when I first woke up in the ward and beginning to chat with him, I realised that he was a fighter, someone who would no matter what try to beat the odds. He has tried to get the hospital staff to bring him food he can eat (however he has a feeding tube which has now been stopped, although he still thinks he is being fed through this). Going to the bathroom and trying to shower himself he has at everystage tried to keep his independence even through his body is not allowing him.
It shows your the mind is certainly a powerful thing over the body at any time when you think about this.
His condition is a heart retching one because the pain he has been put through over the last eleven years have now taken his toll. It has only been in the last twenty four hours that his family and doctors have agreed there is no more they can do for him but to let him slip away peacefully.
Speaking with him today was the hardest I have ever done as the family requested he not know what is happening to him as to not put him in a panicked state (which is understandable given his limited current capacity). However it is harder for his wife and two daughters who stayed by his bedside last night until two-thirty this morning before being kicked out by the nursing staff to only return in the mid morning today.
My thoughts are certainly with them at this stage because I know it is not easy to watch a loved one slip away. I did it over six years ago with my grandfather and I have to say, this gentleman is certainly like my grandfather, a fighter!
It is this that makes me remember what I went through with my family and it shows me and certainly reminds me how short life truly is and that we should certainly never take it for granted.
My heart and thoughts certainly do go out to this family and to anyone else who has either been through the same or similar things with loved ones, friends, parents or children as it is certainly something that I would not wish upon anyone.
Remember, life is short and enjoy every minute of what you have!