Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The View aint a View

Ok so while in hospital again - I know i am still here and i am hoping and crossing fingers, toes and well just about anything that could and can be crossed ( I will leave that up to your own imaginations).

Anyways getting back to the point of this blog. I got to watching some of "The View" on Channel Nine here (Its a free to view network) and i have to say it was quite interesting.

"The View" as it is called is supposed to give you or at least give a view about things in the tabloids, television and generally anything within the public and i found it quite interesting that they would stick to one topic but throw in other parts of another topic and some how compare it.

But the thing that got me was.....well this is probably going to sound really, really nasty but it just has to be said for the record that Barbara Walters really needs to know when to stop either having botox injections or surgery or what ever it is she is having done to her face.

Let me put it to you, when she talks her mouth is as straight at a line but it looks like it struggles to even help her speak. The other problem is that she really cannot show any sort of emotion.

It begs to say that with her age she does look good, but at what cost?

All i could think was, Barbara.... you need help and fast.

I wonder if NRMA can help as well it can't help but help.................

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hospital is soo much fun.............

I am sorry I haven't been updating this blog site to which I have to say is a poor reminder of how busy i have been with just a lot of things in general.

Anywhoo, I have to say so far the last well nearly two weeks have been fun (Not!). I am currently writing this from my bedside in Westmead Hospital because, well I don't even know why. It seems my legs did like the travel agent from Little Britain, to quote "computer says nooooo" well to me it was "Legs say noooooooo".

Anyway after finally getting out of bed with the help of my partner and well mum (I know sad thing to say but eh, leave me be - I am a mumma's boy hahahahahahaha) getting me into the shower, dress me and then getting up to my local doctors to which i was informed i would be best going to Westmead Hospital as there wasn't much he could do (which i understand but....... just can't stand this place!).

So with myself, my mum and my partner now in the car we headed down towards the M4 Motor way and onto our journey to Westmead (Sorry i have to sugar coat it a bit). Once arriving we waited in Emergency until my name was called and i was sent into Triage into what they call "Fast Track"

Fast Track my ass!

I sat in this well corner of this stupid area waiting for at least a doctor to see me which took well over an hour let me tell you. The other problem being where i was situated was right nest to this air thing that sends both specimens and other hospital related crap to various areas of the hospital fast (I suppose thats the only fast thing in this place that is.....well fast! Actually i think that's where the name for this part of the emergency department must have been used for!).

Anyway once actually seeing a doctor and have an MRI done (For those who don't know what an MRI is, its a X-ray Imaging thing that is a long well tunnel or tube - get your mind out the gutters now if you think otherwise, and it dark and cold at first to which the x-ray specialists talk to you though this microphone thing, mind you they do give you ear phones which are of no help and you shall find out why, and you lay in this tunnel until it cranks up but not before they say 'your doing fine Alex" or "next one will be about six and half minutes" and then the noise starts which its is a mixture of like a jackhammer, tractor motors and aircraft motors starting or taking off - thats if you fly virgin mind you, if its Qantas or Jetstar, then you pray!)

Anyway then after having a CT scan also done and a couple of blood tests and urine samples for them no one could tell what was going on, mind you this was well about 7 hours after coming into "Fast Track".

Then they decided without telling me that i had to have an angiogram or heart thingy done to which i asked and said i wasn't going as it turned out that they wanted to do a lumber punch (now for my friends who know that due to complications of a previous back surgery in 2003, I am not able to have more surgeries done to my back because there is not enough skin etc etc etc) anyway to which the docs where not happy but after about fifteen minutes of talking we came to the conclusion that lumber punch was out of the question.

So after having more meds and more docs coming to see what they could do, it was decided after 12 hours of being in "Fast Track" i should have be admitted to the hospital. Finally!

Now the slight irony for me is that "Fast Track" is suppose to get you in and out of the hospital emergency department fast, but instead of doing this i was "Fast Tracked" into the hospital - Great huh???

Anyways it wasn't until about 3am Friday morning until i was moved to a ward and well settled for the night. I have to say that i did have a good night's sleep thanks to the meds i was on but still it meant i had to stay in this place.

So the next morning i was told i was having more tests done such as another MRI, but this time i had to have like a contrast put in so they can see things more colourful and everything (I think LOL) then i have to have like an EEG. Now this was the part i wasn't sure on or that as it was a test that sent electrical shots through targeted areas of your body, to which they did my arms and both my legs.

Now i have to say with my arms, it hurt, not the legs really because, well there was not much feeling down there but it did increase the pain. So that test went on for about 20 minutes in total.

After that test i was sent back to the ward to which i was advised that at about 4pm or 5pm that i was being moved to another ward as i was not in the right ward (great yet again they stuff it right up). So i was transferred to the right ward into t common room (mean you share with like 3 others) the only problem being that it had no TV (like WTF???? are you serious).

Anyway i was told i wouldn't be in that room for long!

2 days past, then a week passed. It wasn't until about a day ago i was moved into a single room because wait for it - i picked up an infection in here (for the people who want to know it is MRSA which is like staph/golden staph - YAY!!!!!!! NOT)

And on top of all that the team i am under here (nurosurgery) have been trying to palm me off to another team (Rehabilitation) but so far nothing has come up.

So yes my time here in the NSW Public Health system has been somewhat of a fun train ride. I have to say is the only thing that has been good is some of the people i have gotten to know here and some of the staff who are funny and well make the day seem just a little bit brighter (while the rest......well we won't get into that)

So yeah fun and games! That's all i have to say really
I soo need a drink........waiter.......oh right, your a nurse :(