Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just my little random thought of Android & How much I like it!!

Well this is a hard thing to say, but I decided that I would put it out there to challenge what people think about Android and the OEM’s or Mobile/Tablet manufacturers who build Android devices.

The thing is that, I used to be a Apple fan boy, to which I did honestly think that everything Apple was the end all, be all. But now I know that’s not true.

So what changed, well I found Android and have not looked back really. My first android device was my little Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, which yes it was a very small phone, like seriously you have no idea, but it challenged what I thought mobiles should be like. It made me wonder why I even bothered with Apple’s iPhone.

I know it seems silly, but I still like my old X10 mini and still have it. Yes it has a small screen and the battery life is less than spectacular, but it goes to show that Android can be made to fit into smaller device and it shows because this is where smart watches powered by android can take their cue from really.

That to me is what makes the X10 fantastic because Sony Ericsson (now just Sony) had a gamble to create such a small device that really did pack a bit of punch, and that to make is what makes OEM’s like Sony make to turn and look to see what they are creating and how they bring that innovation to the market.

Since then, it has made me truly realise how much Android as an OS has changed and evolved and how  I have now got two android phones (one is a Motorola Razr M and the other is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and I have since added to this with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7”. 

But why Android? Why not try and find some medium within Apple’s ecosystem and products? 

The answer is simple really - Android offers more than just apps, movies, magazines, music, it also offers greater flexibility to customise your phone, make it more personal, make it you basically.

I know that Android is more than just an ordinary mobile OS, its more a social OS that allows one to keep in touch with friend and family without restrictions or compromises. I would honestly believe that android is a more socialised network and OS compared to iOS.

The one thing I will say with Android, there is so many possibilities to which are endless. I mean there are more apps that are free on android’s OS then iOS.

As for malware issues, that mainly relates within older devices that aren’t upgradable but still in operation. Google have released updates for the security flaw that was uncovered, unlike and unreported by a certain reporter said. Funnily enough, News Corp, which owns has several Android Apps for various products and brands it owns, maybe we should all be worried and uninstall those apps because they could end up having malware/spyware in them (meoww that was bitchy!!).

But seriously, the claim by Apple and Microsoft that users are flocking to their brands because of malware or spyware issues is baseless and false. If anything Android is growing. Just look at Samsung’s sales of the Galaxy S4 - over 20 million sold to date (probably past that now but still) and Sony, HTC and other Android OEM’s are continuing to see growth which can only mean dire futures for the competition. I must mention though, I did see Apple’s on sale at Woolworths recently as well, can only give you an insight of how bad things have gotten wouldn’t you say (I know, not actually Apple the company related, but you only have to look at their declining sales margins and profits).

So with that I say, next time your looking for something shining and new mobile wise, have a second look at Android and don’t discount it. You won’t be disappointed

P.S - I would like to go on the record officially as stating that I do own an iPad and a Macbook, but my iPad is really starting to bother me and I have begun to use my Galaxy Tab 7” more than anything, whilst my MacBook is just more to do with my hatred for Windows - a cheap nasty product that is!!

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