Monday, April 22, 2013

My Transport Suggestions - Part one

So I recently decided that I think its about time I put my two cents in and provide some insight into what I honestly think is do-able in the sense as a commoner, without any background or degree in transportation, engineering or planning.

With that said as a sort of disclaimer, I thought I might start off with my suggestion for Sydney's second airport, being not Holsworthy or Badgerys Creek, but utelising existing infrastructure under Richmond's RAAF base.

Now before I hear you all want to lynch me up crap creek, just hear me out.

I am saying that why not use Richmond RAAF Base like they do in Newcastle Airport, being it is an existing RAAF that also shares with domestic flights. I honestly think this should be the same for Richmond, as such a civilian or public airport would provide the Federal Government additional revenue as they would lease part of the land for terminal and serving buildings, as well as provide Western Sydney, which is crying out for more jobs considering that we are somewhat within, well recession (yes thats right, its true we are).

But I think the best arguement for Richmond to be converted from full RAAF to Half RAAF/half civilian airport purely because of the existing infrastructure around Richmond, being there are at least two CityRail/Sydney Trains stations nearby, main road access on both sides in and around the base, existing runway, lighting, tower and aviation infrastructure, it would be in pretty much every sense, the better if not more viable option.

Now I am lead to believe that another runway would be needed to be built if Richmond was to be somewhat converted over, to combat crosswinds, but this can be done at considerable little cost compared to undertaking construction from scratch for a whole new airport.

It would also require less Government funding from both the Federal and State (NSW), who are arguing about their budget bottom lines and calling out poor.

Really when you think about it, the sound yes would probably be an issue, but Richmond and most surrounding suburbs are already used to this given they continually get RAAF aircraft flying over through the day and most nights.

I do believe that this is the only real solution, other than doing a high speed rail link from Sydney to Canberra in which would be a far more costlier option, being the rail line, from the sleepers, the rails themselves, signalling, to locomotives or EMU's would be required to be upgraded and/or built.

So as you can see, Richmond is honestly the best option when you compare the real facts at the end of the day. But I would like to hear your thoughts. So please comment below because I think open discussion is the best policy if not the only way real solutions can be found!!

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