Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Story of the Everyday Commuter

Come sit down children and i shall tell you a story of the everyday Sydney commuter.

Once upon a time in a city full of beauty and wonder, there was this transport system that everyone loved. The trains where on time and clean, the ferries hardly crashed into anything and where too clean and the buses where on time, never late nor stuck in traffic jams and free from any graffiti or dirt.

Yes children it was wonderful Sydney, where the commuters gave way for other passenger boarding on or off, smiles could be seen a plenty and everyone worked together to help achieve the targets of on time performance and commuter satisfaction!


As if a story like that ever existed in all it's glory.

No the everyday commuter is rude, dumb founded and generally i would put it as either watching Jessica Simpson perform just such a blonde moment, making you wonder if you either awake or just living a horrible, horrible nightmare.

No the everyday commuter in Sydney never gives way for other passengers let alone people with prams or people in wheelchairs. No they expect those people to fit into such crammed areas its no wonder retaliation has set in through form of yelling or even just running over of little toes.

It has just surprised me that given a city the is popular with being so friendly and a welcoming place to stay and visit that this type of behavior actually exists. But then again what do you expect in a city where the only person who is important is yourself.

It just makes me wonder what went wrong and when it happened??

The only other thing i have to add to this is why people have to show their affections public. Don't get me wrong i don't mind it but let's just say that if someone of the same sex was to show public affection, it would be outrage - so where is the difference i ask you. If same sex partners who are totally in love are not allowed to show affection in public without getting snide remarks etc etc then why should "normal straight" couples be allowed to

Think about it, because it's just the way things are. All i have to say is grow up and stop acting like 5 year old children who have had their favourite toy stolen or broken! Get your dummy and suck on it because there is only so much dummy spits one can take without going mental!

With that said, here is hoping for the story in the begining of this blog actually comes day at least!

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