Sunday, August 9, 2009

Idol that ain't idols

Ok so, watching the first episode of Australian Idol 2009 (which has surprisingly lasted 7 seasons so far, so it seems ten truly is doing something right......fingers crossed) and i have never ever in my whole entire time sitting watching a show have ever wanted to get some domestos and clean out my ears and poor brain from the meltdown caused by people who just wanted their five minutes of fame really.

I mean come on, seriously if you know you are a bad singer (and god knows you should be able to tell because thanks to the geniuses at sony entertainment europe there is a thing called "singstar". If you don't own it, I suggest you get down to your nearest JB HiFi/Big W/Target/Kmart or where ever you can buy "singstar" and get one - immediately).

I mean for god sakes, if someone actually tells you yeah get to idol auditions, please and i am begging you, listen to your self sing either through "singstar" or through other means, like garageband on apple or if you don't have that tape your self or just record yourself singing! It's not hard people.

I just think that while yes it is entertaining, i do actually feel sorry for the judges and tv crews who have to go through the task of actually listening to deaf or well the tone deaf try to make themselves think (if you can call that) they can sing!

Who are they trying to convince here, because i am sorry hunny, but you either need to get that hearing aid checked or keep your day job, because you are certainly not the next idol!

On the same subject of ranting about Aus Idol
I have to say WTF??? I know that it is a singing contest and that if you have any experience at singing (which in my books should at least be a requirement if not some sort of basis for the rules here), but letting some guy who was part of a former boyband who where popular for the i believe 1 year they actually lasted in the comp and through to the top 100???

Like is it me or is there something i am missing. Yeah ok everyone should get their shot, but say if the likes of well................let me think here.......Guy Sebastian or Shannon Noll was needing a come back and wanted to get into the comp, would you allow it???

It just makes me think that there is somewhat of a unequaled advantage but then again it might actually help boost ratings.

Here's hoping that idol just isn't going to fall on its own sword this year, god knows they are going to need something to help pin it up with Kyle gone now...........

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