Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sydney - FAIL!!!

OK well this really isn't directed at the whole of Sydney and really it isn't

I was going to post about this on Friday but thought i might do it now actually, seeming as i am on here.

Anyway i have had my shifts changed at work not that I am complaining, but on Friday i would have really swore at all the passengers on my part of the carriage on the 6.36pm Train from Town Hall to Lidcombe.

the first part is for the so called 'Idiots" for causing damage to the 5th car, causing it to be locked at Circular Quay and St James, leaving only 5 other carriages to utilize as such (being it was a 6 car service). Causing well a small yet disastrous overcrowding problem

Now common sense should somehow prevail here right when their is overcrowding you would think that people instead of being near the door, like i have to be when i am in my wheelchair, actually move up or down or fully actually inside the carriage, not at the doors right?

OH NO WAY TO SIMPLE. People standing the way, people run on knocking into me with their bags and do you think they even apologise - No. how would you like it if i ran over your skinny skanky arses and feet cause your in my way. its not like a wheelchair can fold up into a million pieces just so you can get your arse into the train.

so obviously i got hurt because of people rushing to get into the train and my little problem mainly lies around the fact that people aren't even giving way or using their brains and moving right out of the way, at least have some decency to move.

its only polite and its not really going to kill you know is it? its not like your actually going to miss your stop now either?

so please, i am begging, move fully inside the carriage after boarding your service and if you have either a heavy bag or a big back, take it off and place it in front of you.

If it whacks into someone then don't think they won't notice, actually apologise

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  1. transport hopspitals and lots of other stuff WE NEED A NEW GOVERNMENT and i vote for UUUUUUUUUUUUU