Sunday, March 29, 2009

So an update - at least

Ok well its been well nearly three months since i have even updated this space now and i thought i had better in a way lol.

So where to start - ah yes my little bitching on Channel seve for being cowards for axing the lesbian kissing scene jaust beacuse of some narrow minded little so and so's could have their way.

I just don't get it, we live in a country that is willing to accepting gay rights and equality to a certain degree but when two guys or girls kiss on screen its 'oh no we can't have that'


seriously get with the program, its not 1975 thank you people, its 2009. isn't it time we greup and well actually got with the program. for example i don't see anyone complaining about Kevin and Scotty and their kisses or shows of affection from Brother's and Sisters, or when showtime/ SBS/ Fox 8 shows Queer as folk or the L word (shudders).

seriously its a kiss and love is love right? so what's wrong with love. if we in the gay community have to put with so called normall straight kissing right in our faces, its abot time we gave some of it back.

To bad if you don't like it i say - SO GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE!!!

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