Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lets get one thing straight here - having a disability isn't the end of the world you know

So I was watching the TV reality series - One Born Every Minute USA - in which one of the mothers was expecting a Downs Syndrome child and the nurses whilst trying to be sensitive about the issue, one of the other nurses said something that made me realise that this is what society needs to do and think about anyone with a disability regardless of a Physical or Intellectual Disability.

What was it the this Nurse said that made me feel somewhat proud and realise this is what society needs to think? It was that he had yet to meet someone, parents, family or friends who are yet to say they regret being pregnant because of a disability.

And thats true in my family. My Mother, father nor brothers regret me being born with a disability and certainly there are days I may do but thats because of the way society generally portrays people with disabilities. The way most of society thinks of people with any kind of disability is that we are a drain on society and shouldn't exists and my thoughts and saying to those folks is that they are the drain on society.

You only have to look at the Paralympic games (both summer and winter versions) to see that regardless of a disability anyone can do anything. Yes as someone with a disability you will have to do things differently in your everyday life but you are you - disability or not and no matter what if you put your mind to it, you can rise to achieve that goal.

And that certainly is my goal and we as people with disabilities SHOULD, yes should talk about what its like to live with our disability. We should talk about our achievements, our failures, our thoughts and suggestions but also how to make sure we have set the stones for the future and ensure we discuss our issues, our stories, everything with everyone so they understand.

Understanding will be the key to setting the tone and the path to the future to people realising what its like to have a disability but also help plan how to ensure the tools to help people with disabilities live in a truly accepting and inclusive society.

Nothing this day and age is that we certainly don't live in a perfect world and it certainly isn't a utopia honestly. So lets stop thinking everything needs to be perfect because it doesn't honestly exists. Simple!

So let get out there, talk, discuss, argue, suggest and tell our stories as people with disabilities but also to people without disabilities listen and understand what it is like and what we do in our everyday life to keep us going.

Lets start these discussions and stories now!

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