Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Hospital Tale

It seems to be every time I come into hospital I seem to have a real life story to share, yet this one has two significant and important messages. 
The first story is about a gentleman who was riding on his motorcycle on his property in which he ended up having an accident. Now he was with two other people at the time but they where closing up and sorting out the locks for the paddock and by the time they caught up with him they found him on the ground, blood pouring out, dazed and confused. The short story is he is in hospital because he has memory loss (as he cannot remember how or what accident he had and he keeps having memory lapses of what day, year, month or even job he has) and has a large blood clot in which he is receiving medicine to help this issue.
However the moral of that story is to always no matter where ever you might be, if you are going to ride a bike, motorbike or scooter or even a buggy, please ensure you wear a helmet and always stay in a pack if you are going out anywhere. This ensures if anything goes wrong, at least you will have someone to get or give help.
The second story is quite a sad story. This is a story of a woman who came onto the ward and has been in rehabilitation for drug addiction since 1979! 
That’s at least 32 years!
It is just amazes me how much drug addiction can do to people and family. In this story the sad part of it is that one of her son’s lives over in the UK and is only coming over to Australia later on this year to renew his passport, whilst the other son was by her bedside with his wife trying their best to understand what went wrong with her.
Her son and her brother tried hard to communicate with her but as she did not have her hearing aides (none of the family knew where they were as she lives with a flat mate who coincidentally on the night she came into the room I am in, snuck her out for a smoke - naughty naughty) and you can see on their face how much they where upset, strained and tired as this had been her third admission this year, previously been admitted to ICU because of a drug overdose on her medication.
It truly shows the effects of drug addiction can have on a family and what toll it can also bring to have a loved one, a son or daughter being thousands of miles away and not willing to have any contact with you at all.
It’s truly sad.
So what I ask of you if you are reading this is to ensure you always stay safe, in a pack of with at least a couple of mates, ensure you wear all appropriate safety gear such as a helmet of goggles etc and also please and I can only really plead that you stay away from drugs like ICE, cocaine, marijuana etc as even short term, part term or long term addiction of these drugs can have a massive toll later on down the track.
I would also like to point out that if you are having issues with a friend or you feel you have an addiction and wish to give up, there is help out there and I have a couple of numbers below which you can contact anonymously:
LifeLine: 13 11 14 or you can also visit their website at 

Family Drug Help Line: 1300 660 068 or you can visit their website at 
SANE Australia: 1800 18 SANE (7263) or you can find out about SANE Australia’s mental health work and fact sheets online at
Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 or you can find out more on their website at 
Please remember that you can remain anonymous and there is help out there!

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