Monday, March 14, 2011

Song of hurt/pain/breakup/down and out

I have no idea why I am writing this blog about my list of breakup/hurt songs for?

I think it could be simply because I have quite a bit of back pain right now and I am listening to this playlist right now - weird I know but I am over pain right now!

These are the songs I play when I feel down, hurt or have broken or dumped by someone.

Well without further, here is my list

  1. Left outside alone - Anatascia
  2. One of us - ABBA/A*teens
  3. The Call - Backstreet Boys
  4. These Days - Bardot
  5. Sorry seems to be the hardest thing to say - Blue/Elton John
  6. Stronger - Britney Spears/Glee Cast
  7. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
  8. Heartbreak (Make me a dancer) - Freemasons feat Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  9. He Don’t love you - Human Nature
  10. Don’t wanna let you go - Five
  11. Over you - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  12. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Glee Cast
  13. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga or Glee Cast
  14. Half a heart - H & Claire
  15. The Letter - Hoobastank feat Vanessa Amorosi
  16. Sorry - Madonna
  17. If I never see your face again - Maroon 5 feat Rhinnana
  18. Wake up call - Maroon 5
  19. So What - P!nk
  20. Lonely no more - Rob Thomas
  21. I never liked you - Rogue Traders
  22. Have you ever - S Club 7
  23. Be that way - Scandal’us
  24. I can’t decide - Scissor Sisters
  25. Kiss you off - Scissor Sisters
  26. Who do you think you are - Spice Girls
  27. Hard to say I’m sorry - Westlife
  28. My Turn - Yehonathan
  29. Who do you think you are - Spice Girls
  30. What about us - John Barrowman

Well there is my list. I know there are some weird song, but this is my playlist when I am feeing down and out of it!

I would like to also hear what songs you think or are great hurt, down and out of luck or breakup songs?

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  1. hahahaha - preparing yourself for your own "Songs in the Key of Ex" ;)