Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking back, a Summary of 2010 - miracle style

Ok, it is officially sad. I haven’t blogged since January this year......I am actually quite shocked and horrified it has been so long and with 2011 just a mere two days away, here I am blogging for the year’s end!!!

I Just don’t know where to actually start........I suppose the beginning would probably be the best but thats just it, so much has truly happened.

It’s like those times in which you have one year that really nothing major really happens and then you have another year either the same or a little more hectic or just outright outrageous.

If I was asked to rate what kind of year I would have........well let’s just say there aren’t enough words to even begin to describe what a year it has been. So many changes, so many new friends and familiar faces popping up or catching up over coffee or lunch. I just hope 2011 is either going to be a little calmer if not actually on my side for once.....hopefully!!!

However thinking about it now 2010 hasn’t been all that bad. There have been a couple of changes in which I am proud to say yeah I’ve done it!!! (now now, no dirty thinking there boys and girls, lets keep it clean yeah?).

Got a promotion at work during the first half of the year, moved out of home and in with my partner (although scary as it is, it wasn’t too bad).

Written a few new fan fictions as well, which also surprised me (If you think I am seriously going to let you know my pen name, then you are dreaming a dream which shall never happen - of course the people who already know, its all good)

Had a holiday up at the Gold Coast also in the first half of the year, which actually was quite nice come to think about it. Was good and very well deserved. Also went back up to Brisbane to catch up with my dearest friends and well bug brother Steph and his partner Andrew, Actually i believe my relationship with Brett is pretty much like their, which come to think about it...........yeah that’s scary (love you Stephy and Andy and a huge thank you and hello to Ma as well!!!!).

Also had a couple of low points in the year, mainly around being admitted to Westmead Hospital yet again (seriously, I have to think about either buying fully or at least half into that place. It seems I can never escape) due to backpain issues which was fun to say the least. Only downside is when the crazy patient next door tried to do a striptease and lets just say it wasn’t a sight you would ever want to see.

Been also to Westmead since due to gastro bug I seemed to have caught but so far now, all is well (probably just jinxed myself)

Also got into the world of twitter baby yeah!!! why not follow me - it’s all good!!!!

Been on the airwaves with the lovely Emma and Johnny B who is the host of his own show, bringin’ it back on SWRFM 99.9 (shameless plug here, but also going back on Monday 3rd January 2011). It is awesome that local community radio stations are bringing awesome shows and tunes back to where it all starts really. Seeding those grassroots (ok that probably sounds wrong but eh - sue me!!)

So yeah, 2010 has been pretty hectic, but would I change it for anything in the world, hell no (well maybe the staying in Westmead for 3 weeks but yeah - hell no!!)

The only thing I am left to say is that I hope 2011 bring more change, drama, action, love, peace and harmony!!!

I hope all of you have a safe New Years celebrations and enjoy what life has to offer and bring you, because it only get’s better with time!!!

Take care and until next time, Take care yeah!!!

Miracleboi (aka Alex)

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