Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a shocker - Logies 2009

Ok I have to start off here by saying that, Channel Nine really has hit rock bottom.
You can tell that either they hired monkeys to run this years show or they had to do some rethinking in the budget department or both perhaps??

Not only was it the most disappointing Logies Presentation, but it was truly very hard to watch. God even some of the actors either didn't have enough to drink or if the rumours where true that there was a limit???

I mean Dave Hughes paying out on Grant Denyer - if i was Grant i would have decked the guy or at least thrown something at hime. You can tell that there was MASSIVE cut backs. Even the jokes or so so called "Light" Humour was more painful to hear.

To think that i might have to even Domestos my ears and eyes because of such crap makes me want to puke.

Oh well just thinking about how much Channel Nine IS actually trying to save its self is even enough to make one person actually go, yeah there in trouble.

With that all i have to say is that if this is what we have to look forward to next year, please spare me the humliation of having to sit and actually watch the crap you put on. instead maybe put a health warning or something to actually warn that its going to be a crap show and to tune into either Channel 7, Network Ten or fr the old fogies in us all, the ABC!

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